Olympuz Monz was Sean "Turtle" Wilhoite & Mike Mossey . Based in Lexington, Ky in the early to mid nineties, Olympuz Monz created pounding psychedelic-industrial-techno soundscapes.
Mostly instrumental, the tracks are the result of capturing surrounding sounds, machines and found objects for instrumentation.

1996/1999 Digital Spit
Constructed by Sean Wilhoite from half finished tracks of what was to be the fourth and final album.
Originally designed to be an audio movie or scifi radio piece, the result became more of a charged soundtrack.

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All tracks are for personal use only. Copyright 2010 Mike Mossey

Track 01
Track 02
Track 03
Track 04
Track 05
Track 06
Track 07
Track 08 The Chase (used as the theme music for World Technology Update in the early 2000s)
Track 09
Track 10 The coming of Anu
Track 11
Track 12 (currently unavailable)