Dedicated to the life and music of Sean Wilhoite. August 23rd, 1972 to June 17th, 2007


Olympuz Monz was Sean "Turtle" Wilhoite & Mike Mossey . Based in Lexington, Ky in the early to mid nineties, O.M.created pounding psychedelic-industrial-techno soundscapes.
Mostly instrumental, the tracks are the result of capturing surrounding sounds, machines and found objects for instrumentation.

Released under their self-created label INNER EYE RECORDINGS they created the following... 
  1992- Their first album, Fude 4 Fuji, was a trainride of looping audio sculpture.(Featuring Opteuron 7, Neural Injection, Radient Energy, Night of the Singing Swarm and more)
1992- Later that year - their second album, The Blastocyst. A journey in soundscapes.
1993- XENOPHOBE was the final official album. The infant had emerged and was challenging preset norms.Influenced heavily by bio-tech evolutionary concepts, ancient history, contradiction, psychedelic revelation and revolution; XENOPHOBE featured songs titled, Tribal Cryonicz, Zundance on Nibiru, The Revolt and more. 
1993- Following the first three albums, Mike and Sean collected misc. unused tracks and alternate versions, found throughout the studio, to compile The Best of Olympuz Monz.

1996- Digital Spit was constructed by Sean from half finished tracks of what was to be the fourth and final album.
Originally designed to be an audio movie or scifi radio piece, the result became more of a charged soundtrack featuring... The Coming of Anu and The Chase.
2002 - Preliminary tracks were recorded for a possible new Olympuz Monz Album.

UPDATE 2008: A final Olympuz Monz Album is being considered. Mike is currently reviewing older unused material, as well as the 2002 tracks.

Mike and Sean in Tampa, Florida 2002
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